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Introducing the 20 and 25 year guaranteed roofing system from scott bader

CrysticRoofing® BBA Premier

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CrysticROOF® BBA Premier is an accredited roofing system that offers up to 25 year lifespan*.

Only approved installers are qualified to work with and install this system and issue the guarantee on completion of work.

To qualify as an approved installer, you must attend a one day training course at one of our centres in either west sussex, northamtonshire, plymouth or east london.

For more information about the course, and where to apply.


  •  20 and 25 year material guarantee*
  • Isophthalic topcoat for superior performance and long term weathering
  • Manufacturing from virgin raw materials
  • CrysticROOF® BBA Premier topcoat available in lead and light grey. Other colours are available subject to minimun order quantity
  • All packed in 20kg easy pour containers
  • Fire certified system to BS 476 – part 3 – 2004
  • Option to enhance with a fully insurance backed warranty using independent insurance scheme with competent Roofer
  • Approved contractors given free listing on crysticROOF® websites
  • Approved contractors can link to the CrysticROOF® website and use the CrysticROOF® BBA Premire logo an other marketing materials
  • Leads generated from customer enquires given for your area
  • No requirments to hold seperate ancillary stocks
  • Manufacting in the uk by scott bader to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards

CrysticROOF® BBA Premier RESIN

CrysticROOF® BBA Premier resin has been specially formmulated for ease of application and to leave a tack free finish suitable for adhesion with topcoat. It also features a colour change system to show that catalyst addition has taken place. Features low styene emision technology (LSE) – minimising odours

Pack sizes: 20kg, 225kg


CrysticROOF® BBA Premier TOPCOAT

CrysticROOF® BBA Premire Topcoat is made from an Isophthalic base resin which means it gives superior performance in finish and long term weathering. Formulating to be easy to apply by both roller and brush and to provide a tack free finish when cured.

Available in 2 colours:                                  Light grey (6162) and lead grey (6927)

pack Sizes: 20kg in Lead Grey, 20kg in Light Grey.

225kg drums available upon request.

Chopped strand Mat And Woven Tape

Using a single layer of 450g of CSM will give a 20 year guarantee, but for a stronger laminate and a 25 year guarantee always use a 600g single layer or two layer of 450g of CSM. Woven glass tape is used to bind together trim edges and 0SB3 board edges


The activator useed to start the curing process in the resin and topcoat. Using winter catalyst in colder coditions will ensure correct cure

Roof Trims

Heavy duty edge and corner trims give excellent finish and appearance all around the roof

OSB3 Board

Used to deck the roof. (Please note togue and grooved or cut board can be used)


Brushes, fabric application rollers, metal consolidation rollers – to apply resin and topcat

CrysticROOF® and crysticROOF BBA Premire Guarantees

CrysticROOF® will be leak-free for a minimum of 10 years when using 450g CSM (or 15 year if using a 600g CSM chop strand mat) if installed under the right conditions following the recommended produces by an exceperment contractor. These details are contained within this guide and in the materials data dasher. Like any materials exsposed to the elements , UV light degradable may cause the topcoat colour to change. this will not cause the roof to leak or affect the integety of the roof. Please ask for details if there is a requirement for a GRP roof system. if a longer guarantee is required then CrysticROOF® BBA Premire can be used to give a 20 and 25 year quarantee.

Introducing the 10-15 year guarteed roofing system from Scott Bader - CrysticROOF®

CrysticROOF® resin is a  low styrene emission, pre-accelerated, orthophthalic polyester resin, which rapidly wets out reinforcements.

It has been specifically designed for roofing applications. It is designed for hand laminating and would normally be used with chopped strand mat and is suppied in 10kg, 20kg and 225kg containers.

Additionally, the CrysticROOF® resin boasts a colour change system which indicates when the catalyst addition has been added to the mixture.


  • An in-situ, cold-applied, glass-reinforced polyester roofing system which provides a powerful, leak free, long-lasting alternative to traditional roofing materials, such as bitumen, felt and lead
  • A high performance solution for all roof structures, including flat, valley and pitched – and for all shapes, including walkways, roof-lights and balconies
  • The elimination of the need for heating equipment
  • When applied correctly, CrysticROOF remains watertight and maintenance- free for many years

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